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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Valuing people as individual

We care about the people within our organizations and our profession; we strive to help individuals reach their full potential.


As leaders and catalysts for change, working within our organizations to ensure fair treatment of people, in line with social, business and economic trends on the work-place.


To strive and to provide our peers, business partners, clients and communities of interest with prompt, high-quality service. To encourage volunteerism to promote our profession.


To apply the highest ethical standards to ourselves and to our profession.


To provide professional development opportunities that promotes organizational and individual achievement. Also seek opportunities to advance the provision.

New Ideas

To be open to and initiate new ideas; committed to being future focused, responsive to workplace and societal trends, and entrepreneurial in spirit.

Our Mission

  • To uplift professional skills in human resources management through training, development, research and publication.
  • To provide interactive network among the members to share best practices and experiences both professionally and socially
  • To develop human resources management capabilities in respect to gender equality.
  • To establish benchmarks and standards in the field of human resources management
  • To promote fair employment rights and practices and advocate for gender friendly working environment and strive for legislative changes to incorporate these values

Our Objective

The prime objective of the Society is to provide leadership within the communities by promoting the recognition and growth of Human Resources professionals through education, networking, shared resources and knowledge, with a commitment to such values as human dignity, rights and development..

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